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Shurway offers a Project Management service for construction projects. This is an added layer of management above the construction contract itself which comprises the expertise and organizational skills to assist owners in assembling the entire construction delivery process. This can include the assembly of the design team and advice regarding procurement approach. It can also involve Shurway taking conceptual designs through to construction without the need for owners to manage every aspect of the process. There are differing levels of involvement possible with this service ranging from the provision of project and procurement management advice at the conceptual stage of the project up to and including the procurement of projects on a Design Build basis. Under a Design Build approach, Shurway engages the entire design team and manages the entire delivery of the project under one direct contract with the owner.


Our Project Management services are built upon many years of Shurway overseeing projects from concept to delivery, managed by our experienced and accredited Project Managers.

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