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Shurway’s corporate practice focuses heavily on office tenant improvement and fitout work. Our clients include many of Canada’s financial institutions and many diverse corporate real estate users and managers from small office renovations to major build-outs of new flagship space in multi-floor projects. We complete many projects with extremely tight schedules and we are very comfortable coordinating work with the owner’s furniture and equipment installers. Shurway also undertakes the complete renovation and renewal of existing buildings – this work involves us stripping and gutting older buildings by removing roofs, fenestration, mechanical and electrical systems etc. and completely rebuilding the structure, envelope, systems and site to contemporary standards and codes. 

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Over our 35 years in business, Shurway has successfully completed over 500 hospitality sector projects across Canada. Our success in the hospitality industry results from identifying and satisfying a client’s primary needs. Shurway Contracting understands that the hospitality industry is a 24/7 operation and appreciates the need to limit downtime, optimize access to facilities and maximize the owner’s project pro-forma. The demands of the hospitality sector are truly unique and maximum flexibility and organization is crucial to success.

Our hospitality work specializes in interiors and covers all types and size of hotel asset and all facilities within the asset. This includes guest rooms, premium floors, corridors, lobbies, receptions, conference and ballroom facilities, leisure facilities, bars, restaurants and all related elevator, mechanical and electrical systems.

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Shurway is a highly experienced Construction Manager and General Contractor and has undertaken thousands of successful projects for a variety for top ranked blue chip clients. Regularly collaborating on projects in the range of $250,000 to over $20 million with an annual volume of $50 – $60 million, our focus is on interior work and major renovations with our recognized strengths being in the commercial, hospitality and industrial sectors.

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Established in 1985, Shurway presently operates with a core staff of experienced professionals. We maintain excellent working relationships with sub trades across the industry and leverage these relationships into tangible benefits including competitive pricing, favorable consideration and an unparalleled level of service due to our strong track record.


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